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Carpet & Pet Stains

If there is a mishap with one of your pets it requires treatment right away before the stains and their smell can get too out of control. When the moment calls for pet stain and odor service today in the Albany and Capital District area our skilled technicians can get your carpet back to a state of clean and odor free. Albany and Capital District area knows they can depend on us for unwanted pet stain and odor removal service. Albany and Capital District area pet owners, new and old alike, understand that accidents occur that call for expert care. The pet stain and odor removal service we offer will clean and sanitize your carpets, removing the offensive odors as well. We get the job done for you in the Albany and Capital District area and beyond with the best pet stain and odor removal service is happy to assist you today.

Expert pet stain and odor removal service Protect...

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Albany Carpet Cleaning

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What’s all the fuss about drying time…..

One of the questions that we are asked about everyday is “how long will it take for my carpet to dry”. There are a number of factors that decide how long it takes.
  • Air movement. The more air movement the faster the moisture can evaporate from the carpet fibers. Turning on your heating/cooling unit fan is a major help to speeding up drying. Under most conditions warm air will be better than cold air, bur air movement is a must.
  • Air temperature. As I said warm air normally evaporates water at a faster rate than cold air. Watch out for humid air inside or outside the house. In the winter you can partially open a window, on a hot/humid summer day keep the air conditioning running at a moderate temperature like 72 degrees so you dont...
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Rental Property Cleaning

Whether your rentals are offices, single family or multi unit buildings, keeping your carpets clean can improve tenant relations. Having your carpets cleaned regularly helps to maintain the long life of the carpet and will make your tenants feel appreciated. Consider scheduling regular cleanings for your rental units, office space, commercial property or business retail rental space to keep tenants longer and maintain your carpets for longer life....
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