Carpet Cleaning FAQs

“Will all of my stains come out?”
The simple answer is NO. Depending on the nature and treatment of the stain, many can be difficult or even impossible to remove. However, we employ very advanced stain removal processes that are unavailable to the homeowner.

“How long will it take for my carpet or furniture to dry?”
On average four to seven hours. Dry times may be extended during particularly humid days or with poor air movement in the house/apartment. Keeping your air conditioning or central heat fan running to move air over the carpet will help the carpet to dry faster.

“How long until I can walk on my carpets?”
Normally you may walk on your carpets immediately after we leave, but we recommend limiting carpet traffic until completely dry. Dirty shoes, wheels, etc. will transfer dirt to the carpet more readily while it is drying. Some specialized treatments may require you to stay off the carpet until completely dry. Our in-home technician will inform you of any special drying requirements. Please take care not to slip and fall when walking from wet carpet to a hard surface such as tile or hardwood.

“Why are there spots coming back after my cleaning?”
The name for this occurrence is called “wicking.”  With this phenomenon, the spot that has been removed has seeped into the backing of the carpet and possibly the carpet padding.  This is common with pet urine, beverages, and anything spilled onto the carpet in high volume.  As the carpet is cleaned, the stain is removed from the pile of the carpeting.  As the carpet dries, the moisture introduced from the cleaning causes the stain in the backing of the carpet to wick back into the pile.  So the bad news is the stain is back.  The good news is the stain can probably be removed.  Please give us a call and let us know when this happens within 4 days.  We will return and do all we can to make it right.  To avoid this situation all together, it is best to treat stains appropriately when they first happen.

“Will the cleaning take care of my carpets odors?”
While our thorough cleaning process will remove most if not all of common household odors, some stubborn odors such as pet odors may require the use of a deodorizer.  Please address odor issues with us upon arrival so that we can discuss odor treatment options.

“Will the cleaning remove urine stains?”
Urine is more than a stain.  It is a bacterium that continues to produce odor, especially once it has been absorbed into or through the carpet pad.  There are various treatments available to help with urine issues.  Let us know prior to our visit if you have urine stains to be addressed and make sure to point out problem areas with our in-home cleaning technician during the initial walk-through prior to the start of your cleaning.  Urine treatments are available at an additional fee per room.  Ask us about your options and restrictions.

“Can I get a discount on future carpet cleaning if I recommend your carpet cleaning services to a friend?”
Absolutely!  You will receive a discount on future carpet cleaning if someone you recommend us to signs up for a carpet cleaning.  We will give you a 5% discount on your future services for each new customer you send us who spends at least $139 (before tax).  Send us enough of your friends, and you could save up to a maximum of $200 off of future services per calendar year.

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