VCT Floors

VCT floorsIs your VCT dirty and discolored? Your VCT tile is probably in need of a good strip and wax. Without proper and regular maintenance your VCT floor will not only become discolored but it will also become loose and start to release from the sub floor. We can perform a one time strip and wax or a regular maintenance program to keep your VCT floor looking its very best.

We always recommend a minimum of 5 parts of wax after a floor has been freshly stripped. Then we review your foot traffic patterns and help you keep the floor looking its best by designing a program that gives you exactly what you need, no more and no less.
Our staff is available anytime of the day or night so we can arrange the VCT cleaning services when there is no foot traffic on the floor.
After 16 years of VCT maintenance for major retailers, we know how to give you the value you want and the convenience you need to keep your VCT floors projecting the image you deserve.

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